CoolWomen’s guide to survive a breakup


I’ve done you a favor and did the reading, studied the research and came up with the best advice you can find all in one place. Here is the official guide for for surviving a breakup.

1. Cry all you want.

You know that a good, long session of weeping can often make you feel better, even if your circumstances have not changed one bit. -Lemony Snicket

 2. Do something everyday to help yourself heal.

There are a litany of things you can do to help yourself heal when going through a breakup. some exercise, meditation, learn something new. find something that gives you joy and indulge.


3. Find emotional support but not trauma bonds.

Find people that want to help your healing, but don’t find people to trauma bond with. Trauma bonding is when someone else is gong through the same thing. The way this usually plays out is they want you in the same situation as they are in. So if they get back with their ex they are no longer there for you. Or if they move on at a  different rate or exhibit a more destructive behavior then they will expect the same for you. Your pain is your pain so find people who are supportive of your pain. Not people who want you to go thru theirs with them.

4. Stand up for yourself.

If your Ex can’t seem to stop  talking about you. Or people telling you what you should or should not have done or you should go back or don’t talk to him. Be sure to own your feelings and don’t let others tell you how you should feel.

5. Stay busy.

If you keep yourself occupied you have less chance to go back and sulk or go back and cry in a room. do the things you love, be around people live life and prosper. You know you love to shop, go handle that.

6. Don’t get a rebound guy.

We all know there will be guys crawling out the woodwork to tell you how they’ve always had the hot’s for you and that they can treat you better than the guy before. Don’t go for that just yet………..You have to be in a place where you have all the funk and feelings from the last relationship off of you before you complicate it with entertaining a new guy.

7. Be around people

Don’t be alone. Stay around people, weather it’s entertaining them in chat rooms or just having lunches and game nights with friends. No need to miss out on the rest of life’s going on’s get out and socialize.

8. Trust your gut.

You are going to go through so many emotions you need to trust the ones that help you move on not go back. Don’t keep questioning yourself. Trust that it’s for the best and that you are moving on to better things.

9. Take your time.

Don’t make life changing decisions, because something happened, Take your time figure out a plan and weigh the pro’s and con’s. Don’t jump into something just because you think the world has ended. Move slow.

10. Research.

Don’t be afraid to do things like look up cool articles like this to help you heal. or find out other success stories on how people got over these same situations.