The Net Not Happy With Neyo. #Notcool

Singer Song writer extraordinaire took to social media to celebrate his marriage and his expecting a child. You would think that would be something to celebrate. Well…………little history lesson. Neyo has an ex wife, Monyetta Shaw who was on the show Atlanta exes, and this is the story she told while on the show.


Monyetta revealed that she can no longer have children. While with Ne-Yo, as a family, they made the decision after she had their son Mason (they also have eldest daughter Madilyn, born 11 months before) that because they had a boy and a girl, they weren’t going to have anymore children. With that in mind, Shaw had her tubes burnt by a doctor who until the very moment she did it, asked repeatedly, “Are you sure?” This was all while she was in her late 20s, under the impression that they were going to be together for the rest of their lives.




So when Neyo made the big reveal yesterday everyone wasn’t thrilled for him. Neyo got so many negative comments on his reveal post that he posted in the comments this retort

The decisions I make are for me and mine. My kids are healthy, taken care of, and know what love is beyond a shadow of a doubt,” “My money is right, my family is right FU*K ALL Y’ALL. I’M HAPPY. Anyone who disapproves can simply unfollow.”


Do you Think Neyo is wrong?