The Daily Show Clowns a CNN Anchor Who Fell Victim to an Internet Meme



With the $1.5 billion Powerball drawing set for tonight, the media has worked itself into a frenzy. As local stations force their reporters to interview deli owners and Mark Cuban dishes out advice to the lucky winner, The Daily Show was naturally in the hunt for people to lampoon. There was no shortage.

First, they hit The Today Show for its attempt to put the massive amount of money—”talking in the third person money,” according to Trevor Noah—in perspective. The Today reporter says the $1.5 billion in $1 bills would weigh more than a 747, a space shuttle, the world’s largest dump truck, and a herd of elephants combined. “Now I have more questions than I had before,” Noah says. “How big is the world’s largest dump truck? How many elephants are in a herd?”

Then it’s Chris Cuomo’s turn. The CNN New Day anchor offered viewers some curious math when it comes to the big pot:

“I saw somebody do a little bit of math, and if you were to take that amount of money and divide it among all the American people, let alone families, each would have a few million dollars and it would completely correct the course of history.”

“Actually, I think they dropped the zero,” said co-host Michaela Pereira. “I think it only ends up being like four bucks each.”
Pereira, of course, is right. But where did Mr. Cuomo—brother of New York governor Andrew—get this math? Who did he see doing it? The answer, as it often seems to be these days, is an intellectually bankrupt Internet meme.

The meme in question, which someone named Philipe Andolini has apparently claimed credit for, sprung up sometime last week:



So far, it looks like Chris Cuomo is the biggest scalp the meme has claimed. It’s a lesson learned, Chris: never trust the Internet.