“Game of Thrones” is Great For the Bedroom

 By Dorne Adams Jr.

Game of Thrones besides being an epic fantasy story, has lots and lots and lots of sex. But let’s take a moment to acknowledge that it’s not totally gratuitous sex. There are actually lessons that can be learned from watching these scenes. For men and women alike.


Scene can be found here


1. Daenerys Targaryen learns the art of control to please Khal Drogo: Before Dani became the Khaleesi, and the Mother of Dragons. Her handmaid gave her a lesson in pleasing her man.  She taught her that the woman can bend even the strongest man to her will in the bedroom, just by taking control. You can bend the strongest knee between those sheets if you know the tricks of the trade.



2. Ygritte and Jon Snow Finally Hook Up: Jon Snow had to take a vow of never fathering children in the Knights Watch. When he was tasked with integrating into the Wilding world he had to prove himself by having sex. Luckily it was with Ygritte, the girl he was very much into. Once this opportunity presented itself Jon did what he had to do.  Lesson is step up to the plate and knock it down when you get a good pitch!


3. Khaleesi mounts Khal Drogo: Khaleesi after having her lessons from her handmaid puts them to the test and mounts Khal (also known as ‘The Stallion Who Will Mount the World’) and makes him look at her she is on top. eye Contact can be super hot!



4. Robb Stark and Lady Talisa get it on: After meeting and disagreeing over politics Robb Stark and Lady Talisa have an instant attraction, even though he is engaged, the lust in him is powerful. They lose it and just go at it on the floor. The lesson here is have some spontaneity.



5. Littlefinger Teaches New Brothel Bedmate About Sex and Power: Peter Baelish (also known as Littlefinger) informs a new brothel employee the ways of his brothel. With his instruction, he explains to her the power a woman can have to be successful in the bedroom, and brings several women as tutors. The lesson here is you can get alot further being an expert than just showing up






6. Viserys Targaryen and Dothraki Wench: Viserys who is a total loser, has one thing going for him. That’s his confidence. However false it may be he exudes it. He likes to be in control. By taking control and showing his lady who is boss she adores him for it. Lesson here istease her a little, and always be the boss!




7. The Red Woman (in general): The Red Woman, aka The Red Priestess of the Lord of Light, aka Melisandre, has had alot of lovers on the show. That is because she knows the art of seduction and being sexy. I just advise women to take a peek at how she rolls so that you can see what a true temptress is.