Terrence Howard Owed Petey Pablo $200, Paid Him $15,000 to Appear On ‘Empire’

LAst Night on Empire  Terrence Howard and Petey Pablo’s debuted a new song collaboration, “Snitch Bitch,” which debuted last night as a major plot point on Empire. We’ve now also learned, from Petey Pablo himself, that Pablo’s casting as Clyde on the hit FOX drama was Howard’s payback for Pablo’s having loaned him $200 in 2005.

In a TV interview with Raleigh news station WRAL, Pablo says that Howard lost his wallet at a 2005 premiere party for Hustle & Flow, a film in which Howard starred, and for which Pablo contributed to the soundtrack. Pablo loaned Howard the $200, and Howard had forgotten to pay Pablo back until ten years later. In a footnote to WRAL’s interview with Pablo, an anchor notes that Howard paid Pablo back “with interest,” “to the tune of $15,000.”

Pablo also hit an even bigger lick besides appearing on the show.  Pablo said that he wrote four song’s for Empire’s season two soundtrack, including the aforementioned “Snitch Bitch.”