Suit Rules……….Rules Every Man should know when wearing a suit.


by Dorne Adams



Gentleman…..and any ladies. Welcome to Suite Rules 102: These basic and simple tips will help you maximize your look and keep it fresh and cool when wearing, the most sophisticated garment you have in your closet. Please take notes, and watch your swagger multiply.


Rule 1.

The width of the tie should match the width of the lapel




Rule 2.

This is not a rule per say but more knowledge than anything. Thin lapels are more modern looks. the wide lapels are more old school, think your grandfather’s suits. Or Don Draper.




Rule 3.

The pocket square. This makes your suit POP!! But NEVER, NEVER, EVER, match the pocket square with the tie. I know some places like to sell them as a pair. For the love of Pete don’t buy that. #notcool




Rule 4.

Black suits are for funerals and costume parties. Go with charcoal my friend. Go with charcoal.



Rule 5.

Belts and shoes need to match. Don’t wear a white belt, with brown shoes. Don’t be that guy!




Rule 6.

Here’s a little nugget on how to match your shoes to your suit.


Rule 8.

Always unbutton your suit before you sit in the car, in the chair, or on the toilet. This applies pressure to the buttons and wrinkles the suit. You don’t want to ruin it do you? Unbutton before you sit.



Rule 9.

Sleeve cuffs should not go out more than a half of an inch. We’ve got to have room for the watch or wrist jewelry to be seen.

Buttonhole-Close-To-Edge-On-Double-Cuff french-cuffs


Rule 10.

No ankle socks with a suit. We should never see your hairy legs. when you sit down.



Rule 11.

The tie should always be darker than the dress shirt.



Rule 12.

Where an undershirt under your dress shirt.  Don’t be this guy.

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Now go out there and start Coollivin.