Stephen Colbert takes down  The House speaker Paul Ryan for not clapping during SOTU



Everyone was at Tuesday’s State of the Union, with the exception of a very happy John Boehner “who was at home watching a Property Brothers marathon,” Stephen Colbert joked on Wednesday’s show.

The hardest thing about the speech, however, was Paul Ryan’s need to seem both engaged and enraged as the head of the opposition party. He even told CNN he was practicing his poker face in the mirror beforehand. Colbert walked through a list of things that Ryan didn’t applaud for including voting rights, fixing the broken immigration system, protecting kids from gun violence, equal pay for equal work, the fact that we reformed health care and reinvented the energy sector, and then there was that time he didn’t clap for troops coming home and veterans. “He didn’t even applaud for the troops!” Colbert exclaimed. “That’s like booing apple pie! Or not crying during ‘Field of Dreams!’” So, Colbert tried a few other things to see if he could get Ryan to applaud.