Starbucks customer confronts cashier for stealing credit card info


An angry Starbucks customer  confronted a cashier and accused her of stealing her credit card information.


The customer recorded the entire incident and the video has since gone viral.

The stunned cashier openly admitted the theft to the angry customer and begged her not to press charges.

As the video begins, the customer, Elizabeth Becerra, can be seen with her brother explaining what is about to happen and why she is confronting the cashier. (It is not clear how Becerra was able to identify the cashier as the source of the credit card fraud.)

When the cashier hands Becerra her coffee order at the window, Becerra decides to confront her, saying, “So we got you on camera yesterday at Ralph’s for $212.”

Stunned, the cashier openly admits to stealing the information on New Year’s Day and says that she is sorry, but Becerra presses her for more.

“So what are you sorry about?  That you took ___ing money from me and my kids?  What are you sorry about?

The cashier admits to writing down Becerra’s credit card number and then pleads with Becerra not to press charges, saying that she is a “good child.” Although she swears on her life that she didn’t get the money, she offers to pay the $212 back to Becerra.

Becerra claims in the video to have filed a police report, but it is not currently clear whether there is a current police investigation into the matter.