Rams linebacker Akeem Ayers with the Twitter win, over Russel Wilson fan


The Rams upset the Seahawks in their Week 1 season-opening match-up in St. Louis on Sunday. It was a very exciting game that took overtime to decide the final outcome.

After the game, a lot of people — including the Rams’ own official Twitter account — poked fun at Russell Wilson, who sent out this ill-advised tweet prior to the game.



It looks like Wilson was predicting a victory for the ‘Hawks in their opening game, but it was actually Wilson repeating Seattle’s mantra as a team this season: Go 1-0 every week.
Rams linebacker Akeem Ayers decided to fire back at Wilson following his team’s big win, on Twitter after the game.
That’s when a fan decided to jump in with his 2 cents
It doesn’t pay to be misinformed Akeem Ayers was on the Patriots last season who beat the Seattle Seahawks in the superbowl. so Ayers does in fact have a ring as well. Against the QB the fan decided to stand up for. So what do you do when you want to respond…..Akeem Ayers did it in a hilarious way.
Boom end of story!!