Men’s Fashion Week Fashion Show Featured Military-Inspired Menswear And Nipple-Flashing Women Models


Models walk the finale at Cadet’s Fall 2016 show which included both menswear and womenswear. Photo: JP Yim/ Getty Images


Even though Men’s Fashion Week is dedicated to dude wear, a few designers can’t resist unleashing sexy female models onto their runways. Case in point: the Brooklyn-based duo behind Cadet debuted their womenswear collection alongside their military-inspired men’s garb.



Cadet has built a name for itself on the backs of its surplus-style, Williamsburg-produced men’s pieces, and this season they showed everything from stand out neoprene blended outerwear to abbreviated trousers reminiscent of Thom Browne and John Bartlett. The brand tapped another Brookyn brand, Greats, for its shoes (if you’re feeling them, they will available Thursday at noon).

In addition, they debuted womenswear offerings including hearty wrap coats and slinky jumpsuits. But what really caught our attention on the runway were the models’ nipple flashes through sheer and mesh material. You totally should have been there, dude.

For the finale walk though, one model went rogue and put the perfect cherry on top for the show. Taking the show’s choreographed finale pose (presumably for Instagram shots) in the middle of the runway, she gave a front row viewer from Refinery29 a little more than he expected.

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