Man successfully sues Apple for wiping photos from his iPhone

A British man goes to court because, he says, an Apple genius repaired his phone but disappeared all his photos.


When someone is a genius, you tend to trust them.

After all, they are superior beings, so if you give them your phone to fix, they will merely add a little abra to some cadabra and all will be well.

Not always, it appears.

Deric White took his iPhone to an Apple store in London last December and asked them to fix it. This the appointed genius did.

However, White said he then noticed that photos and videos had been wiped from his phone. Some were from his honeymoon in the Seychelles.

White told the Standard that he pleaded with Apple for compensation. This didn’t materialize, so he took the company to court.

On Monday, the Central London County Court awarded him 1,200 British pounds (around $1,800) in compensation and 800 pounds (around $1,200) in costs.

White, 68 and a cancer survivor, told the Standard: “I did this for the common man. I would say to anybody who has got a gripe with Apple: Don’t let them boss you about and ignore you.”


Apple didn’t respond to a request for comment.

Stories such as this serve not only as a reminder to be persistent in the face of larger entities, but to back up your data before you take your gadget to be repaired.


In this case, it’s possible that the genius didn’t ask White whether he had his pictures backed up. It seems, though, that Apple’s attitude got White’s back up and he achieved some sort of victory.