Ja Rule “Put It on Me” Mini Documentary


It’s officially been 15 years since Ja Rule released “Put It On Me,” his first top-ten hit and one of several charting scorchers on his sophomore album, Rule 3:36. which let’s not front, Was a dope album and a game changer for not only Rule but the Rap game. The milestone has set the stage for a look back at the song and its role in shaping Ja Rule’s career, and despite what to many was a career-ending beef with 50 Cent, the song and the album it represents remain immensely popular, and rightfully so.

His 2001 albumPain is Love went triple-platinum, due in large part to the popularity of 3:36. In acknowledgement of the LP’s October 10, 2000 arrival, Complex devoted the latest episode of its “Magnum Opus” series to “Put It On Me,” but the story is much, much bigger.

In the mini-documentary, Ja Rule, Murder Inc. head honcho Irv Gotti, Def Jam executive Lyor Cohen, and others contribute their individual memories of the song but perhaps more importantly, the song’s role in laying the groundwork for a new template in the music industry,


If you listen to records nowadays you have got to see the coincidences between them and Ja Rule’s style.  15 years later,  everyone from Drake, J. Cole and Wiz Khalifa followed similar formulas to secure superstardom. For many, there is irony in Ja’s success creating that mold, as 50 Cent found even greater success with it only a couple of years later, releasing Pop-ready tracks with catchy hooks a la “Put It On Me” (it would be their beef which would seemingly be the cause for Ja Rule’s eventual commercial downfall). However, as is made evident in “Magnum Opus,” there is no room to doubt the role Ja Rule’s 3:36 played in defining the way Hip-Hop superstars are marketed.