It’s a Party My Dear Watson -Denver Museum of Nature and Science contributor –Lynnette Adams


There’s something nostalgic about walking into a room and feeling like you’ve stepped back

in time. This is exactly the feel you get when you experience the Sherlock Holmes exhibit at the

Denver Museum of Nature and Science. The party themed It’s a Party My Dear Watson, invited

you to be a part of the late 1890’s. Guests were invited to come dressed in Victorian and

Sherlock Holmes –inspired costumes.

Included in the ticket price was one drink, appetizers and entry to the exhibition. This evening

you were invited to test your powers of observation as you journey through The International

Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes. This immersive, interactive experience combines science and

history to bring to life the Victorian era vividly portrayed in the beloved Sherlock Holmes

stories, masterminded by physician-turned-author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

The evening was also filled with plenty of themed activities to make you feel as if you were truly

a part of the time period. You had an array of London themed appetizers to choose from, a

delightful assortment of cheeses. There were also mini shepherd pies, fish and chip bites,

Welch and delicious red velvet cupcakes.

People arrived dressed and ready to participate in the adventures of the evening. This sold out

event offered something for every moment. You could enjoy the Victorian themed music by the

4th Artillery Quadrille Ensemble, or learn the Spanish Waltz and Virginia Reel. There was also an

opportunity to solve a crime just as Sherlock Holmes would have done. There were even

Victorian themed arts and crafts! If you couldn’t solve a crime you still had your chance to

create a thaumatrope. The thaumatrope was a toy popular in the 19th century that took two

pictures attached by string to create an optical illusion that made it seem as if the pictures are

blended. The guests loved it, and it served as a nice break off your feet after solving crimes and

dancing the night away.

This event was definitely designed to bring out the detective in you. The legacy of Sherlock

Holmes brought hundreds of people together for an evening of fun. For more than 125 years

Sherlock Holmes has inspired storytellers, filmmakers, innovators, scientists, doctors,

criminologist and other seekers of the truth. I am sure for the next few days all of the guests

will be looking at the world with their “Sherlock” eye. There is no way you can leave this event,

without looking at the world a little differently.

You may have missed the party, but you still have time to catch this amazing exhibit at The

Denver Museum of Nature and Science. The exhibition will end January 31. It runs daily from

9:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. visit for more information.


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