Have you become a Tinder Assassin?


Has Tinder made you more cold and ruthless to the guys you meet?

Have you been a heartbreaker on Tinder? Have you been making friends and taking names on there? Well you are not alone, Do you think Tinder makes you more cold-hearted? If so we want to know. We read an article by  as she described herself as a Tinder Assassin:

It hit me last week. A guy on Tinder who had enthusiastically chatted me up a month before (then ghosted for weeks) suddenly messaged me. He was cute and spirited, but I just couldn’t get into it.

Maybe I was jaded. Maybe I was tired. Maybe it was the face—he looked like a guy I once dated. Maybe it was the job; he was a self-employed photographer, which screamed weird hours to me. Or maybe the whole disappearing act didn’t sit well. Whatever it was, when I replied back to him, I already decided a date wasn’t happening, no matter what he said.

He was excited about my response, asked me how my day was, asked if I wanted to get drinks, told me my Instagram interested him, said he went to the beach on a Tuesday. I threw him a lot of subtle shade. When he explained to me he was an entrepreneur—hence the mid-week beach day—I asked him if it was lucrative because I didn’t know any guys our age doing that. The correct response should have been that it’s crazy impressive to have your own business, but I was tired of sticking to script.

He kept messaging me back, so cheery. Just over it, I told him I was calling it a night, and to have a good one. He went ahead and blocked me, which I deserved. I had treated him horribly with little thought about how it would affect him. I forgot there was a human on the other side of those digital darts, a man putting himself out there bravely.

But the truth is we all forget, at least on mobile dating apps. I’ve been on the other side of that exchange, inexplicably ditched by some dude I was talking to. It hurt at first. Shake it off, my twentysomething friends advised. So I did and I do. It stopped hurting.


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