Coollivin: Throw a Guess The Beer Party

Here is a game night idea that’s simple and cool. You and your guests will have fun and catch a buzz!


Photo by Ed Rudolph for DRAFT

Have you ever hosted a beer tasting party? All you need is beer, vups stickers and a bag to put over the bottles.

1. Invite guests to bring two jugs full of beer, you can go to any store and buy a jug. doesn’t matter what Beer, if they want to bring in Bud Lime or some other crap, go ahead.

2. As your friends arrive, hand each one a tasting cup and three colored stickers. Designate the colors; i.e., blue means best, silver means second-best, red means worst.

3. Brown-bag the beers, number them, and display them where you want your guests to mingle. Set up a separate table for light bites like cheese and veggies.

4. Challenge everyone to taste the beers and put stickers on the bottles they like best, second- best and least. Sit back and relax as your guests walk around and mingle, without much effort on your part.

5. Toward the end of the night, gather the crowd and reveal the beers. If there are a few sips left, pass them around to share. Announce the winning beer (the bottle with the most “best” stickers), the runner-up and the loser.

6. Have fun, wallet-friendly prizes on hand (think bottle openers, growlers or brewery gift cards) for guests who brought the top vote-getters—and a booby prize, too!

Follow up! Make a list of your shindig’s top 10 beers and email it to your guests the next day so they know what to pick up the next time they’re beer shopping.

Bam! #Coollivin