How to Keep it Cool When Talking to Women

Build up immunity.


Look, one thing that will never happen is you hit every shot you take. Sometimes a woman will turn you down, let me say it again some women WILL turn you down!! It’s not the end of the world. The best way to get over rejection is to keep on trying. Get shot down a few times and you will learn it won’t bother you. It’s like missing a jump shot, it happens.


Confidence is Key

Like #1 said, it’s going to happen don’t let it shake your confidence. Always feel like you are King Kong when you approach a woman, they can smell fear. Be confident but don’t be an asshole, it’s a very thin line. If you aren’t sure of yourself then why should she be?


Know your environment

If you are in a club, keep your business cards in your pants, be up on all your social media apps, you never know which one she will want to connect on. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc, etc. Be ready, have a phone have a pen, and don’t call her to see if the # is real.


Don’t trap yourself into the friend-zone or the guy that can be used.

Look I know you want a reason to see her again, and she looks good enough to drink her bathwater, but don’t offer to come change her oil, fix her computer, and clean her gutters, fix the leaky toilet off the bat. Especially if you don’t really know how to do any of these things, and you make them worse.  The quickest way to the friend-zone is to offer all the favors. If you want to stay out the friendship give some mystery, keep your intentions known, and you will avoid the dreaded friend-zone.


Be on point

Look this should have been #1 but make sure you are on point, Shoes, nice and clean, shirt not wrinkled, breath check, no food in beard or corners of mouth and hair is groomed, I shouldn’t have to say this but the ladies will thank me later!!


Don’t be in a rush

Just because she’s interested doesn’t mean she wants to go home right now, (unless she says so). Don’t pressure her to leave with you for greasy street food and a trip to your dirty apartment. Let it flow, it’s the first quarter, let the game come to you. If you get some vibes, like she is saying take me home and do me, or something like that then go for it, if not be a gentleman and charm her all night or just for a little while which leads to our next tip…..


Be ready to exit promptly

Whether  it’s yes or no be ready to exit stage left. Worst feeling is getting rejected while at the bar waiting on a drink…..or so I’ve witnessed. Be prepared to go in and get out like a Navy Seal team, if it goes well and you can congregate then so be it. But have a plan to not sit there looking silly with a drink or something else in your hand.


Follow up fast

Don’t let a lot of time linger before the time you meet and the time you make contact after you’ve exchanged information. Send a text see if she’s free then make a phone call, and set something up. Otherwise you will get the dreaded where and when did I meet you again?


Follow these rules you will have more wins than losses. Good luck out there.