What Sex Is Like For Women In Every Year of Your 20s




Sex, is fun and like a fine wine gets better with age.

Sex in your 20’s is not the best experience. Lot’s of clumsiness, randomness, learning it’s a roller-coaster.

You go from not knowing anything about your body to  hopefully being a bed savvy tigress with a bag of tricks!

After you go through the real life sex ed of your 20’s the 30’s are for great sex or better at least.

Here is what sex is like in every stage of your 20s:


Age 20: I don’t even know what I’m doing (and neither do these boys).



At 20, you’re doing it just to do it. If the guys are your age then, they don’t know what they are doing either.

There’s a whole lot of moving and bruising to go with all that humping.

Nothing is special at that age, you are just in the getting laid club.


Age 21: Foreplay!!!



At 21, you have started to explore more, people have a little more experience, and it’s time to try new things.



Kisses here kisses there, focus on other body parts! Guys aren’t as worried about what their friends think or say, they want to explore also.


Age 22: Self Discovery

At 22, you’re getting to that stage of self-discovery. You’re starting to know your body. Sex stops being about the guy you are with, and much more about what makes you feel good.

No more days of blowjobs with “I’ll owe you one” and standard missionary. You are Khalesi after she made Khal Drogo her Bitch. (Game Of Thrones Reference)


Age 23: Guys are nothing but trouble. I need a job.


All this dating and now the bills are kicking in. Who’s got time to get laid. It’s all about how can I take life serious, all my friends have boy friends and stuff. Something’s got to give.



Age 24: I’m in love.


You got your first “Grown Man” he makes you feel good. He stays over. You have got the whole career thing going but you are constantly tired from wearing each other out every night.

Age 25: Mama just needs batteries vibrator because I am done with the douchebags


Age 26: I don’t want my body count too high, I keep being in weddings.


Now people are getting married. You don’t want to be the one with all the bodies so it’s time to slow it down. You are looking for something serious. You thought you had it at 24 so it’s time to recreate the magic.

Age 27: I’m not having sex until he’s my husband

At 27, a woman it’s all about the ring. Put a ring on it or piss off. Not trying to see 30 without a husband, feels like you are getting old (you’re not) but it feels that way. You have had Lames, bad lays, one night stands, and you are ready for the real! Time to put that lock back on the box.


Age 28: What’s wrong with me. Maybe i should accomodate


Even closer to the 30 year mark, now it’s feeling like 20 again. Let me please him, if i do this it will make him want me. If i conform i’ll get a ring. Let me be about him!

Age 29: No more Drama


The next guy that touches me is buying me a ring. I’m not going into 30 without one!