Here are 7 types of women every man should date



1. The Artist: These women are so much fun, they are free spirited, yet opinionated, and look at the world through totally different lenses. She is open. She is true. She is genuine. She is boundaried. She is in flow. She is wild. She is a woman unto herself.  Perfect for the practical guy. they awaken senses you didn’t know you had. Artists tend to help you explore, enlighten, and educate.

2. The Older Woman:  The older woman helps the maturation process. She has been where you are and knows what’s required of a man. She will help you end your boyish ways and show you how to treat a woman the proper way. girls in your age group may only be used to dealing with guys of that same group. With age comes wisdom and it’s priceless.

3. A Simple and Low Maintenance Woman: A low maintenance woman tends to be focused on the truly important things in life. I’ve found them to be non-clingy, very rational, and supportive. She won’t care about how much money you have or don’t have. She will like you for who you are and is not looking for what you can do for her. She accepts you freely because she is comfortable in who she is. She is more about becoming a better woman than just appearing to be a good woman.

4. Your Best friend: This a high risk high reward situation, you guys are friends you know details you wouldn’t’ typically tell someone you were dating in the initial stages. You know so much about each other, If the physical attraction is there, you have a great foundation for an amazing relationship.

5. Emotional Communicator: This type of woman understands her God given emotions and instincts serve a purpose to give man balance. Granted it might drive you crazy, but as long as she understands emotions are never used as a decision making tool, because emotions can lead you down the wrong path.

6. The Sexually Liberated: She knows that her ability to desire is powerful and  a gift, She is tuned into all of her senses, especially her intuition, & she can pinpoint (not necessarily with words) the emotions that course through her. She is sexual. Institutionally. Not just in the physical sense. She knows that sex isn’t the only way to play with & express sexual energy. She is self-loving. She luxuriates in her reflection

7.  The Feminist:  Not only does she have the goal: to define, establish, and achieve equal political, economic, cultural, personal, and social rights for women.  But Women are a lot cooler than you know, And the Feminist will make sure you become aware of that.  She is sex positive. She is responsible—with her heart, with her body, & her mind.  She is a survivor.