Former NBA Star Ray Allen Opens ‘Grown’ – First Organic Fast-Food Restaurant in Miami


Former NBA All-Star Ray Allen has found something to do in retirement. He saw a need and took action. The trend has been that organic restaurants are the hip trendy places that you sit down and eat.  They have freshest food, garden grown veggies, grass-fed beef, cage-free eggs… you name it and you can get it.

But what if you’re on a budget or in a big hurry…most people hit up fast food joints.

Well now former Celtics star Ray Allen and his wife Shannon Brown have changed the game.

If what you want doesn’t exist yet, “be the change” and create it!  That’s the motto of the health-conscious couple, who opened Grown last month – the very first organic fast food eatery in Miami and one of the few on the East Coast. Groundbreaking!


Image Vox