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Head on Over to Jessie’s Smokin’ Nola

By Lynnette Adams


Do you want to treat your taste buds; if so head on over to Jessie Smokin’ Nola for a treat! We discovered this food truck almost a year ago, and they certainly know how to leave an impression. They were voted 2014’s Best Food Truck by Denver A-List voters and it’s no secret why; the food is delicious.

When you meet Jessie, you can see how passionate he is about his food. He doesn’t just want to sell you a meal, he wants to provide an experience for his patrons that will leave them talking. He is personable and funny and gets excited when he finds out you’re in for your first Smokin’ Nola experience.

Jessie Rayford is from New Orleans and got his southern cooking skills from his mom. He is number twelve out of seventeen brothers and sisters, and the only one who left New Orleans. Jessie decided to bring his culinary sensations to Colorado – lucky us! Three years into the food truck game and  they are still going strong. We had a chance to talk with the dynamic husband and wife duo, about their food truck and here is what they had to say.


unnamed (2) – What made you decide the mobile food option was the way to go versus a restaurant?

NOLA– Probably like most Food Truck owners – finances.  It takes a lot less money to start up a food truck rather than sign a 3 year lease for a building.  If it does not succeed at least you could sell the truck, with a restaurant it’s just a loss. How did you come up with the name for your food truck?

NOLA– We are not really sure where we got the name. We wanted it to represent New Orleans (LA) – and of course Jessie-the Chef was going to make sure it was going to be “smokin” good. –   What experience do you want your patrons to have?

NOLA- We want the patrons to feel they got high quality food made with love.  They should also feel that they got a good amount of food for their money.  And of course that it is consistently the same quality and quantity.

unnamed –      How did you come up with the concept/choices for your food truck?

NOLA- The menu choices are based on, for the most part traditional menu items from New Orleans.  Jessie worked at restaurants in New Orleans and wanted to bring authentic flavors up here. – What is your vision for Jessie’s Smokin’ NOLA?

NOLA- Our vision for Jessie’s Smokin’ NOLA – is to have a small restaurant in the general area of our customer base.

Jessie’s Smokin’ Nola has succeeded in their effort of giving their customers something they enjoy. We had the pleasure of tasting almost all of the menu items. It was hard to pick a favorite. The Jambalaya has the just the right amount of spice. The Mardi Gras Po-Boy is perfect, and the Taste of Nola gives you a little bit of everything, it could easily be enough for two. The best part is the prices, you get really good portions for the cost.

Jessie’s Smokin’ Nola can be found travelling throughout the Denver metro area. Visit their website or like them on Facebook to find out when they will be near you!



** Multiple locations

** offers catering options