Derek Jeter Backs Out of Underwear Brand Deal Due to 50 Cent’s Involvement


TMZ Sports reports that Derek Jeter is being sued by Frigo RevolutionWear, an underwear brand, for backing out of a major deal with the company. The lawsuit obtained by TMZ alleges that Jeter backed out of the deal because he felt 50 Cent, who was named a brand ambassador for Frigo last year, made the brand too “urban.”

And why? The majority owner of Frigo, Mathias Ingvarsson, claims Jeter felt 50 would make the brand too “urban.” Weird, considering Jeter is mixed race.
By the way, the company ended up bringing on Carmelo Anthony and Timbaland as brand reps.
As a result of Jeter’s alleged reneging, the majority owner of Frigo claims the company lost close to $30 MILLION in value … and he personally wants Jeter to fork over roughly $4.7 million to help make things right.
Ingvarsson wants to take the case to arbitration — which would keep the messy details out of open court.

According to 50 Cent, his deal with Frigo was for $78 million. 50 Cent took to Instagram today (Nov. 18) and voiced his disappointment with the news about Derek Jeter.

“Wow, guess I’m not a Yankees fan anymore,” 50 Cent said. “Lets go Mets? Man you can’t trust nobody these day.”

The lawsuit, which was filed in Sweden, alleges that Derek Jeter backing out of the Frigo deal cost the company $30 million in value. The suit is seeking for Jeter to pay $4.7 million. Jeter originally signed a 3-year deal with Frigo in 2011 to be a director of the company and participate in publicity events. The lawsuit alleges that their deal with Jeter first experienced problems in 2013 when the former Yankees shortstop told Frigo that he did not want his involvement with company to be made public during its U.S. launch.