Dave Chappelle Kills it on SNL Spoofs The Walking Dead with Chappelle Show characters




It’s been what seems like ages since Chappelle’s Show was on the air, but the characters from the show have lived on in the hearts of fans for quite sometime.  The Walking Dead aired it’s big “Negan murder” episode only a few weeks ago, and the sketch show king, came up with a doozie.

Inspired by The Walking Dead, Dave Chappelle brought a bunch of classic Chappelle’s Show characters to Saturday Night Live in a Negan-inspired skit. And he totally nailed it. He came up with the perfect sketch!   In the sketch, Chappelle gives his best impression as Negan (complete with bubble gum rhyme), deciding on which of the people kneeling in front of him will be killed by a Lucile Negan’s  barbed wired baseball bat. Check out the skit above.