CoolBiz: Denver Date Nite Does All The Heavy Lifting

Have you ever met someone and then in the process of asking them out spent tons of time figuring out what to do? Guys have you ever asked a woman out then followed up with “So where do you want to go?”( Which by the way, we recommend never ever doing). Well enter: Denver Date Nite. One of Denver’s most exciting business for it’s Coollivin factor. You can relax and just give them a call and Boom. Perfect night or day on the town! This is brilliant and convenient and leaves you with more time to figure out the important stuff, like….”What to wear?” Check out our interview with Denver Date Nite and be sure to use them the next time you need to plan a date.



When did you get started with Date Nite Denver?

Denver Date Nite officially launched in October of last year.

What do you do for the Tinder Generation?

That’s a really good question because the Tinder Generation seems to be one that really sees the value in what we’re doing.  Tinder is fun, easy and the pressure is really low.  We are working to create those same feelings – we just want you to have a really great time without any of the pressure.  Quit killing yourself trying to create that perfect night and let us do it.  We work to stay on top of the latest and greatest, the off the radar, the new ideas so you don’t have to worry about it.  Tinder is also physically and financially easier than the traditional way of dating – it saves a lot of time by giving you the opportunity to keep on swiping if that connection isn’t there and it is super cost effective.  We hit these two points as well, we keep our prices low so it’s accessible to everyone and we take the time consuming, sometimes frustrating part of date night out of the equation so all that’s left is the fun.  We work hard to make sure that each date is really custom and personalized to your specific needs.

Who is the Denver Date Nite Experience for?

The DDN experience is for anyone who is looking for a night out with their partner or even a few friends – whether you’re on your first date or have been married for 30 years.  That’s the beauty, we are so customized to your specific needs that regardless of your situation, we can give you a great date.



How do you incorporate the Denver Landscape into the actual dates?

Well, that really depends on you and what you’re looking for.  If traditional touristy spots are what you’re looking for, that’s what you’ll get.  If you’re wanting something a little off the beaten path and away from the crowds, great, we’ve got those too.  It could be a hike with an amazing view, the newest restaurant or hotspot, whatever it is that you want – that’s what you will get.

What would you consider to be the biggest obstacle to dating? How does your company help address that obstacle

Keeping it fresh.  That’s why we got started, we fell into the boring date night rut ourselves with the same routines and locations so we set out on a quest to keep the fun of date night alive.  Whether you’re creatively challenged, time challenged, or new to the scene, we are here to help!  Let us handle all of the work and you get to have a really unique night out.



Do You offer any other services?

We have three main options – Night on the Town which is for those looking for just that – a night on the town.  Next is A Day to Remember – this is great for people wanting more of a day experience be it a hike, a day trip to the foothills, or out of towners wanting help with hitting the hot spots.  Our third choice is the Overnight option. This is when you need a romantic overnight away.  We also recently launched a subscription option.  No time commitment, cancel at any time, but you get a 20% discount and a reminder every month from us.  Married couples and parents of little ones really love this one.  It holds them accountable to making their time alone together a priority.  This option is good for the Night on the Town once a month and each month we will get in touch with you for details of what you’re looking for this time.  We send a quick questionnaire for you to fill out and that’s it.  Next time you hear from us will be with the itinerary outlining the night ahead.   We have done anywhere from downtown to the mountains depending on what type of night you’re looking for.  We have occasionally catered to a birthday party or bachelor/bachelorette party but these are special requests that we take on a case by case basis.

What’s Unique about your services?

A few things set us apart from other people, for starters, no one is doing what we do.  There are the luxury concierge services but they’re really expensive and typically aim to help you while traveling, not while locally.  You have local hotel concierge but there is no personalizing there, they’re only providing general recommendations or booking reservations at locations you have already selected.  With Denver Date Nite you set the parameters for what you want – price, vibe, dietary restrictions, etc and we take care of everything.  We plan the date, book your reservations, and email you a detailed itinerary – sent from your personal date consultant with tips like what to order, where to park, maybe a little background on the location, etc.  The goal is to give you that perfect night out.

Is there an option for people who go on first dates?

Absolutely!  Let us know it’s your first date and we will make sure you are prepared with a few talking points just in case things get stale.  We can keep the night a bit more flexible so if it’s going well, the night can keep going, and if it’s not, we’ll get you out of there!

Where can people find more information or book your services?

Check out our website at We also offer tips and tricks throughout the week via our Facebook page at, Instagram @DenverDateNite, and Twitter @nite_date

Check out some photos of real Denver Date Nite customers and go ahead and let them plan your next date.

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