CoolFacts About USA Volume 4

1-5 CoolFacts About USA

Mt. St. Helens

16. When Mt. St. Helens erupted, the blast was heard in British Columbia, Montana, Idaho, and California. However, the blast was not heard in Portland, Oregon only 50 miles away. – Source

2. Only one person has ever been executed by the state of Wisconsin. The public execution was so graphic and horrible that Wisconsin abolished the death penalty two years later. – Source

3. In 1950, residents in Mosinee, Wisconsin held a mock Communist invasion which had concentration camps, a purged library, and inflated prices. The mayor, seemingly unaware of the plan, died due to the excitement. – Source

4. In Michigan, you are never more than 6 miles from a natural water source. This is due to Michigan’s nearly 65,000 inland lakes and ponds. You are also never more than 85 miles from one of the Great Lakes. – Source

5. Michigan has a bottle deposit of 10 cents, instead of the usual 5 cents. Their recycle rate is 97%, compared to 70% of states with bottle deposits, compared to 33% for states without any deposit laws. – Source

6-10 CoolFacts About USA

Mackinac Island

6. M-185 on Mackinac Island, Michigan is the only state highway in US where no motorized vehicles are allowed. Travel is only by bicycles, horses or on foot. – Source

7. An anonymous donor pays for the college education of every student in Kalamazoo, Michigan. – Source

8. Lake Michigan gets so clear after winter’s ice melts that you can actually see shipwrecks in the depths from the air. – Source

9. A boy scout in Michigan tried and nearly succeeded in building a nuclear reactor in his mom’s shed using smoke detectors, antique clocks, Tin foil, and camping lanterns (amongst other things). – Source

10. The worst school mass murder in U.S. history was in Bath, Michigan in 1927, when Andrew Kehoe killed 45 people, 38 of whom were children at an elementary school. – Source