#CoolFacts 79


1-6 CoolFacts

IR sensors puck-Random Facts List

1. The NHL designed a puck with IR sensors in it to track it. That’s how they made it glow in the 90′ –Source

2. The murder rate in Honduras is so high that some cities have started offering a program for free funerals. There is a violent death in Honduras every 74 minutes. – Source

3. A man received the heart of a suicide victim, married his widow, and years later killed himself in the same way the donor did. – Source

4. When the Titanic sank “someone decided to free the dogs from their kennels, leading to the surreal sight of a pack of excited dogs racing up and down the slanting deck” – Source

5. There exists a museum in Massachusetts which is dedicated to exhibiting shitty art that is “too bad to be ignored” – Source

6-10 CoolFacts

American Prison-Random Facts List

6. The 2.3 million Americans currently incarcerated constitute the largest prison population in the world, and account for 25 percent of the global prison population. – Source

7. The first same-sex marriage license in the US was issued 39 years ago, in Boulder, Colorad by county clerk Clela Rorex, who later refused a marriage license to a man and his horse because the underage horse did not have parental consent. – Source

8. The White House used to be partially powered by solar panels starting in 1979, before they were taken down by the Reagan Administration in 1986. – Source

9. There is a screenplay named ‘Atuk’ which has never been made into a movie because anyone who has shown interest in playing the lead role has died unexpectedly, including John Candy, Chris Farley, John Belushi and Sam Kinison – Source

10. In Australia, there is a parlimentary position called The Shadow Minister of Justice, and it is currently held by the representative from the electorate of Batman – Source