#CoolFacts 71


1-5 CoolFacts

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1. Historically, milk is added before the tea and it was a sign of wealth when someone added their milk afterwards, as pouring tea with low quality porcelain would break the cup – Source

2. A man in Japan noticed his food going missing. so he set up a webcam and found that a woman had been living in his closet for a year – Source

3. A bully dropped 7-year-old Mike Tyson’s glasses in a truck’s gas tank and tried to steal his meatballs. Several years later, Tyson came back and “beat him in the streets like a fucking dog.” – Source

4. In 2000, the KKK adopted a stretch of highway near St Louis. The Missouri government responded by renaming the road the “Rosa Parks Highway”. – Source

5. In 1982, drug dealers in California tried to synthesize heroine more cheaply, and accidentally created a substance that gave users late stage Parkinson’s disease in a matter of days – Source

6-10 CoolFacts

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6. Anna Paquin went to an audition of The Piano because she had nothing better to do. Selected among 5,000 candidates for the role in The Piano, she earned the 1993 Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress at the age of 11 making her the second-youngest Oscar winner in history. – Source

7. Frank Sinatra helped as a liaison between the leader of Chicago’s mafia and the Kennedy family during the ’60 primary, in order to get Union backing. When Kennedy reneged on his promises after being elected, Sinatra was punished by having to play 8 straight nights at the crime bosses’ club. – Source

8. Before Neil deGrasse Tyson went on The Daily Show, he paid attention to how many sentences Jon Stewart usually allowed before interrupting. He picked up on the kind of phrases Stewart liked to pick up on, which is why he described astronomy using sexually suggestive language. – Source

9. The Black Mamba snake, one of the most poisonous snakes in the world, contains pain-relieving compounds called mambalgins which could be a better painkiller (and with less side effects) than morphine. – Source

10. There is a Superhero Supply store in Brooklyn with a Cape Fitting room with a wind tunnel. They also sell Oxygen Gum, Bottled Chaos and have an Invisibility Testing Center. – Source