1. here was supposed to be a Pinocchio film released in 1936, predating Disney’s Pinocchio by four years. It was meant to be the first Italian animated film, but for unknown reasons the film was never completed and it is considered lost. – Source

2. The whites of human eyes evolved as a means of non-verbal communication and dogs too rely on the human sclera to pick up visual cues. – Source

3. Swiss researchers found that out of 37 million companies worldwide, 147 firms control about 40% of global wealth and 737 control 80%. – Source

4. In 2005, Swedish millionaire, Johan Eliasch purchased a 400,000-acre plot of land in the Amazon rainforest from a logging company for the sole purpose of its preservation. – Source

5. The Seminole Tribe of Florida is the only Native American group that has never officially been conquered by the US government. – Source