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Transformers Carpet Bomb-Random Facts List

1. For a shot in Transformers, Michael Bay had the cast members run over “a carpet of explosives.” He warned them not to stop or trip. The actors’ look of terror is real. – Source

2. Video Game Company Midway paid boxing announcer Michael Buffer $100,000,000 to license in perpetuity his trademark phrase “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble” for the video game “Ready To Rumble”. –Source

3. The minting of the U.S. half-penny was discontinued in 1857 because it was viewed as having too insignificant purchasing power and wasteful to continue minting. Adjusted for inflation it would be worth more than the penny, nickel, and dime today. – Source

4. The Rock accidentally knocked out Michael Clarke Duncan while filming a fight scene for The Scorpion King and had a custom Rolex made as an apology gift, but liked the watch so much that he kept it for himself. – Source

5. The straight, wide boulevards of Paris were designed such that artillery could easily be fired on rioting crowds. – Source

6-10 CoolFacts

Biblical King Herod Tomb Complex-Random Facts List

6. The tomb complex of the Biblical King Herod was found nearly two hundred years ago, but his actual resting place remained elusive (despite zealous investigation) until this past decade, due to the complex’s size. The lowest portion of the complex in itself covers approximately 40 acres. – Source

7. Chisels used to be handed out to people visiting Stonehenge, so they could chip away at the ancient monument to get their own souvenirs. – Source

8. A group of people believe that they have slid from a different timeline into ours. Among other things, they remember Mandela dying in the 80s and New Zealand being located north of Australia, not south. –Source

9. Bearing a male child can alter a woman’s brain by leaving male DNA that can persist for the rest of her life making her less likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, promote tissue repair, and improve her immune system, but it may also cause adverse effects. – Source

10. In 2006, anti-NATO protests in Ukraine canceled a joint exercise designed to simulate a Russian invasion of Crimea. – Source