#Coolfacts 56


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Hakeem Olajuwon-Random Facts List

1. In 1994, NBA MVP Hakeem Olajuwon released a $35 sneaker instead of endorsing shoes from Nike or Reebok because, “How can a poor working mother with three boys buy Nikes or Reeboks that cost $120?…She can’t. So kids steal these shoes from stores and from other kids. Sometimes they kill for them.” –Source

2. Shin Dong-hyuk is the only man in recorded history to have escaped a North Korean concentration camp in the “total control zone” and lived to tell of it. He works tirelessly to alert the world about the vicious human rights abuses in North Korea’s brewing holocaust. – Source

3. In 1992, a lawyer and a judge were looking for files on a former prisoner in a police station near Paraguay. Instead, they stumbled upon archives documenting an international conspiracy involving the torture, murder, and imprisonment of 480,000 people. It is now known as the Archives of Terror. – Source

4. The two oldest cats on record lived to 38 and 34 years old. Both were owned by the same owner and lived off a diet of bacon, eggs, broccoli and coffee. – Source

5. Yungay, Peru was the site of the deadliest avalanche in history. In 1962, two American scientists predicted the calamity, and were consequently forced to flee by the government. Eight years later, their prediction came true and 20,000 people were killed in a day. – Source

6-10 CoolFacts

Keith Moon-Random Facts List

6. Keith Moon hated drum solos and refused to play solo in concert. During one show, Townshend and Entwistle decided to spontaneously stop playing to hear Moon’s drum solo. Moon immediately stopped too, shouting “Drum solos are boring!” – Source

7. American speech is punctuated with “uh” & “um”, English speech with “er” & “erm”, Japanese with “ā”, “anō”, & “ēto”, German with “äh”, French with “euh”– basically, every language uses different sounds to interrupt themselves, while their brain is working on forming thoughts into words. – Source

8. NASA have their own special agents, who are armed, have arrest authority and can execute search warrants – Source

9. Dennis Rodman’s father, Philander, had over 26 children with 16 different women, making him, by definition, a philanderer. – Source

10. Igloos can retain a temperature of 60° F on the inside during -50° weather. Ice is a bad conductor of heat. Any heat generated from inside the igloo, usually from body heat or a small fire, stays inside. A fire inside an ice structure? Won’t that melt the igloo? The warmth inside the igloo does melt the inner layer of snow and ice, but the air outside–often much colder than the air inside–freezes it back. The result is an additional sheet of ice on the interior walls, which adds to the insulation. – Source