Dobri Dobrev

21. Dobri Dobrev is a 99-year-old panhandler in Bulgaria who gives all of the money he collects to local orphanages, once giving over $24,000 in a single donation. – Source

22. Killing someone to prevent the theft of property is legal in Texas. A jury used that standard to acquit a man who shot a prostitute who ran away with his money in 2013. – Source

23. Canada does not allow Americans to enter their country with a DUI on record. – Source

24. They never found “bath salts” in the toxicology reports for the Miami Cannibal attack, leaving the ultimate cause of his behavior unknown. – Source

25. Male genital mutilation in Africa causes an unknown number of yearly deaths along with numerous penile amputations. “Countless numbers of participants are left with permanent scarring or deformity. Penises become so infected and gangrenous that they literally drop off.” – Source