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1. The grip of a sloth is so strong that sometimes when they die, they are found still clinging to the very branch they were lounging from when they were alive. – Source

2. In 1350, when bubonic plague struck England, the Scots took the opportunity to invade the country. But instead, the Scottish army caught the disease, was routed by the English and the fleeing army inadvertently spread the plague across Scotland. – Source

3. The Shawshank Redemption, #1 film on IMDB only managed to gross $27,058,304 in 1994 making it the 51st highest grossing film of that year, behind films like Street Fighter, Beverly Hills Cops III and D2 Mighty Ducks – Source

4. Lead exposure correlates with low IQ and aggression, and many violent areas in the world still use lead gasoline – Source

5. Some researchers in Antarctica grow marijuana there – Source


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6. A man named Albert Lexie has shined shoes at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh for 36 years. He donates everything over $5 per shine to the hospital. He has contributed over $200k during his time there. –Source

7. When George Washington passed away in 1799, Napoleon Bonaparte personally gave a eulogy and ordered a 10-day requiem. In Great Britain, the entire Royal Navy lowered its flags at half-mast. – Source

8. A study has revealed that when you tell someone your goal or a thing you’re planning on doing, it chemically satisfies your brain in a manner that’s similar to having actually completed the goal. – Source

9. In 1995, Newsweek published an article scoffing the future of the internet. It laughed at the idea that people would get news, learn, or buy airline tickets online. It is still available on their website. – Source

10. A British company made a laptop with a graphical user interface, a 60 hour battery life, an SSD storage, and a touchpad in 1989 that was up for sale in UK at £845.00. – Source

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Ladybugs-Random Facts List

11. Ladybugs (ladybirds), named after the Virgin Mary, are extremely promiscuous and as a result, they have the highest rate of STDs among insects. – Source

12. A man lost about 50%-75% of his brain to hydrocephalus (fluid collection in brain), but still led a normal life. Doctors believe that the fluid filled so slowly over his life that the brain remapped itself to function despite the loss of mass. – Source

13. Godzilla’s skin texture is inspired by the Keloid scars that grew on Hiroshima survivors – Source

14. Soon Vatican newsstands are going to feature “Vatican beefcake calendar,” featuring a gallery of “hot priests” caught on camera during the Holy Week in Rome and Seville. – Source

15. Crows have different warning calls, one for cats, and one for hawks, another for humans – 250 in all –Source