#Coolfacts 20


Firefly Halo

1. Alan Tudyk, Adam Baldwin, and Nathan Fillion all voiced marines in Halo 3. Their characters were given personalities resembling the characters they played in Firefly. – Source

2. The Speaker of the House during Watergate scandal could have stalled the VP confirmation and impeached Nixon, which would have made himself POTUS, but he concluded that, as a Democrat, he had no right to a Presidency that the American people had entrusted by election to a Republican. – Source

3. The shortest film nominated for an Oscar was under 2 minutes and a stop animation about making guacamole named “Fresh Guacamole by PES.” – Source

4. Hazel Ying Lee, a Chinese-American WWII pilot, had two forced landings. One landing took place in a Kansas wheat field. A farmer with a pitchfork in hand chased her around the plane while shouting to his neighbors that the Japanese had invaded Kansas. – Source

5. Every night the Disney World maintenance staff hoses down the park with over 120 degree hot water so that all the gum will melt off of the mid-ways and cue-lines. – Source

 6. Joseph Stalin intended to be a priest, but was kicked out of seminary for missing final exams. – Source

7. Andy Weir, the author of The Martian, was so keen on getting every detail right that he wrote programs to calculate the orbital paths of spaceships that appear in the book. – Source


Golf course water consumption

8. The average American golf course consumes around 312,000 gallons of water per day. – Source

9. Gary James Paulsen (“Hatchet” author) watched his mother beat a molester to death, hunted for sustenance while a teen, was molested by his parents servant, ran away and joined a carnival at 14, witnessed a plane crash/passengers get attacked by sharks, and completed the 1,150 mile Iditarod. –Source

10. Cymothoa exigua is a parasite that severs the blood vessels of a fish’s tongue and becomes a new functional tongue. It is only known parasite to replace an entire organ. – Source

11. Ronald Reagan is the only US president to have been divorced. – Source

12. Dolphins can tolerate and recover from extreme injuries like shark bites. The healing process is very rapid and even very deep wounds won’t cause a dolphin to bleed to death. Gaping wounds heal in a way that restores the animal’s natural body shape. Infection of large wounds is also very rare. – Source


Cat Pupil

13. The reason cats and snakes have vertical pupils is because it increases their depth perception while hunting at night while prey animals such as sheep have horizontal pupils so that they may have a panoramic view of their surroundings to watch for predators. – Source

14. “Gotham”, as a nickname for New York City, was coined by Washington Irving in 1807 and it literally means “Goat’s Town.” – Source

15. Simpsons creator Matt Groening’s father was named Homer, Mother was Marge, and had sisters named Maggie and Lisa. His mother’s maiden name was Wiggum. – Source

16. A Trillion-Meal Study, the largest ever of its kind, has shown genetically modified crops to be 100% safe and just as nutritious as non-modified crops. – Source

17. A simple equation called Dawes Formula is very accurate at predicting success of marriages – “frequency of lovemaking minus frequency of quarrels”. A positive difference predicts marital happiness and a negative one predicts unhappiness. – Source