1. The winner of Tour de France has been positive for doping 40 times in the past 53 years. –Source
  2. When there is a disputed international border, Google Maps tailors its maps to the claims of each country where the Internet browser is located. –Source
  3. Coca-Cola introduced Tab-Clear to ruin the Crystal Pepsi marketing campaign. Tab-Clear was marketed as an inferior diet drink. This confused consumers into thinking Crystal Pepsi was also an inferior diet drink. Both drinks died within 6 months. –Source
  4. Despite his on-camera demeanor, Johnny Carson was extremely shy off-camera. He was known for avoiding most large parties, and was referred to as “the most private public man who ever lived.” –Source
  5. Evidence shows that the space shuttle Challenger’s crew survived the explosion and could have been conscious until the crew cabin hit the ocean. 4 of 5 recovered crew air packs had been activated and pilot switches that could only have been moved manually by a person were moved. –Source