#Coolfacts 16


1-5 Coolfacts


1. Holding recess before lunchtime can increase fruit and vegetable consumption by 54% in children. –Source

2. The founder of the Samaritans (the suicide hotline) was Chad Varah, an Anglican priest whose first service was a funeral for a 14-year-old girl who died by suicide because she had begun to menstruate and feared that she had a sexually transmitted disease. – Source

3. In 2014, a Maryland woman used a fake doctor’s note to explain why she missed sentencing on forgery and burglary charges. – Source

4. There are an insect called “Velvet Ant” that is actually a wingless wasp. – Source

5. Domino’s Pizza’s delivery sales during the televised O.J. Simpson chase were as large as on Super Bowl Sunday. – Source

6-10 CoolFacts


6. A giant Wham-O SUPERBALL, made as a promotional item, accidentally fell out of a 23rd story window, bounced 15 stories in the air and destroyed a parked sports car by landing on it. – Source

7. A brand new hotel in Las Vegas named Harmon Hotel needs to be demolished because of a structural design flaw. Total loss after construction, lawyers and demolition is $400 million. – Source

8. Crime is a major problem in Pine Ridge Indian reservation and since many of the Native Americans grow up as master horsemen, the reservation has an actual problem with gangs of Indians on horseback terrorizing the towns and riding away into the sunset where police vehicles can’t follow. – Source

9. A JFK assassination witness claimed to see a suspicious unidentified man standing in the window of the school book depository, who later fled the scene. His testimony was ignored, he was intimidated several times, and there were several attempts on his life. – Source

10. Some homosexual concentration camp prisoners were forced to serve out the remainder of their sentences after the liberation and end of WW2. – Source