#Coolfacts 109


1-5 CoolFacts

Gas Kansas

1. There is a city in Kansas called Gas. Their official motto is “Don’t Pass Gas, Stop and Enjoy It – Source

2. Rust isn’t what causes tetanus infections. It is merely an indicator that an object has been exposed enough to the elements to probably have C. tetani spores on it. What actually causes tetanus is when you get a puncture wound that would leave these spores deep enough to seal them into an anaerobic environment, where they can grow. Scratches won’t do it because there’s too much oxygen.

3. Three mile limit for international waters was created as this was the maximum distance a cannon ball could travel from the shore. – Source

4. In 1586 a pregnant widow wrote a letter to her partner, who had died at the age of 30. This was found by archaeologists in South Korea in 1998, intact with the man’s mummified body and a pair of sandals woven from hemp and the woman’s hair. – Source

5. There’s a time-honored tradition of allowing brewery employees all the free beer they wish while working. It’s called Der Sternewirth. – Source

6-10 CoolFacts

Carl Panzram

6. When notorious murderer Carl Panzram was sentenced to death, he refused to appeal and threatened to kill any activists who attempted to intervene on his behalf. – Source

7. In the ’80s (a full decade before the WWW started to come on its own) 25 million people in France went on-line to bank, check the weather, chat, make reservations, socialize, check stock prices, and even had porn. There was no computers though. They just used a free Minitel terminal. – Source

8. The “fat Buddha” statue is not actually Siddhārtha Gautama, or “Buddha”, but rather a different Chinese deity named Budai. – Source

9. Charlie Sheen reached a settlement with Warner Bros. and was paid for NOT doing Two and a Half Men. – Source

10. In 1440, a land sale treaty between the Pope and Florence accidentally left out a small strip of land around Cospaia. The people of the area promptly declared their independence and remained sovereign for nearly 400 years. – Source