Coolest First Date Ideas That Don’t Involve The Movies!!!

Go to the beach


You can pack a lunch, grab a Frisbee, and play in the water. You can hit a beach, lake, or river locally. IF she likes you you can put the suntan lotion on. But it’s a great way to relax stay active, and get some beautiful views all in one. This is a great way to get to know your date.


Botanical Garden


There are thousands of species of flowers and plants to “see, smell and touch”. Your local botanical garden is the place to be where you are surrounded by beauty and vibrancy to alert your senses. It  is a “beautiful” and “relaxing” multi-acre horticultural “oasis” in every season, from springtime’s dazzling array of blooms to summer’s concert series to “winter’s fairyland” lighting displays; if boosting your “botany knowledge” isn’t enough, there’s also “a great cafe with friendly service”, classes, lectures and “exhibits that change all the time.” Perfect date night scene.


Go to a Carnival



You can ride rides, win prizes, people watch and have some really good food all at the same spot, if you can’t have fun here then the relationship may be doomed anyway. It’s definitely a good place to measure each other’s fun scale.

Check out an aquarium


Going to the aquarium might seem like a different idea for a first date, but that’s the cool part of it! If weather is an issue like rain or snow, you can hit the aquarium and walk around at your own pace. If you find the conversation going slow you can check out one of the exotic marine life and go from there! Most large city aquariums host special events throughout the day (many of them free). Chances are you’ll be the first person to take your date on a romantic visit to the aquarium, so it’s bound to be memorable!

Go dancing or take a dance class


Dancing is a great first date because it helps you learn a lot about the person you are out with. You get a sense of the nonverbal chemistry you may or may not have, you learn about their music habits and you get to truly connect. Don’t go on the myth that dancing = bedroom skills though you will be dissapointed.

Sports activity


Whether it be a trip to the gym, Frisbee golf, regular golf or a run. These activities get your heart rate going and give you insight into the health state of the other party. You get to talk and work up an appetite in a healthy way.




You, your date, nature, good food and conversation. No distractions. what more do you need? Just make sure you are prepared. Nothing worse than having a nice bottle of wine you can’t open, or cheese and bread that you can’t cut or spread due to lack of the proper tools. So take the boy scouts advice and be prepared.

Go hear a band


You might not be able to talk much during, similar to a movie but you have lots to talk about before and after. hopefully it’s a good show or a really bad one. Either way you have plenty to yak it up about.



Why not embarrass yourselves together? Nothing bonds more than trauma.


Wine tasting


Wine, is the sophisticated drink, unless its out a box. You get to do some tasting, catch a buzz and yak it up over what you guys are tasting. Its a great first date choice.

Cooking Class



Creativity at it’s finest, you get to create something together, and see how well you can work together, How perfect is this where you get to eat and see how well you guys can perform in another room of your potential future abode?

Trivia Night


Now here is where you can get to know how smart or how full of useless knowledge they are. Trivia nights are a great way to learn what he/she is into. Check it out most local bars do them during the week, to drum up traffic. Winning usually gets you prizes like a free tab so not only is it fun it COULD end up being a free date!