CoolBosses: IKANDI Modeling Inc.

Desirae Martinez, Taking the Model Industry by Storm

By Dorne Adams Jr.

Ian Walker Kamp


CL: How long have you been in the modeling and fashion world?

DM: Since I was a little girl I have been involved in modeling, doing photo shoots for catalogs and walking in fashion shows. My Mom even put me in acting classes , I think she was trying to build a STAR! lol There’s no doubt that the modeling and fashion industry has changed since then. But nothing I cant handle.



CL: Tell us about IKandi modeling and what it offers to the industry?

DM: IKandi Modeling Inc is Denvers own urban modeling agency . Our mission is to build urban models in every industry. Showing that we are not only built for music videos and sexual exposure . Women of color, with curves can do runway and high fashion as well. IKandi is a stepping stone, a starting point for new models and also experinced models.I show my models how to network, negotiate, how contracting works for a project and what to expect in the industry. The confidence and motivation for more comes with the growth. I show the models how to be their own Boss andd manage their work so when they are ready to spread their wing they can handle everything independently. I press health and fitness cause you must at your best always!Especially being a unique individual. IKandi offers what the industry is missing, diversity and ability to make any production shine. Thats what IKandi Modeling Inc. brings to the table everytime!


CL: What is your role with IKANDI?

DM: My role w. IKandi is the founder/manager for the company. I starting IKandi in March 2014. My associates and others that I have networked with were constantly contacting me to find them models for their productions/projects they were conducting. I Love a Challenge! I would always ask for specifics and then provide just that! My Boy local Hip-Hop artist Mr. Midas suggested that I create my own team of models and be officially the GO-TO Woman for Denver’s industry, So I did it! Special Thanks to everyone who believed in me.


CL: How has it been as a woman in business trying to navigate in this industry?

DM: As a woman in business in this industry for me hasnt been a factor. I am very serious and very firm when it comes to my buisness, especially in the way that I conduct buisness. I represent my models, So wheather a man or woman in this business its about the passion, loyalty, honesty and communication. Im a woman of my word , I deliver by all means…. That should be enough.

Ian Walker Kamp

CL: Tell us about the secret to being a CEO in this climate?

DM: LOL Secret? Theres no secret . Dedication with a vision, like tunnel vision to be exact. Focus on what you want then make it happen. I seek knowledge from others who have accomplished what I would like too. Wisdom is free.

CL: How does an aspiring model get to be an IKandi Model?

DM: The want to be apart of a team and personal ambition to be better in all aspects of life and a look to kill! Be different.

CL: What Is some advice you have for young women trying to get into the modeling industry?

DM: Stay humble, stay strong remain confident and know theres always room for improvement. take the insensitive criticism as constructive advice and use it. Never stop, never slow down!



CL: What advice do you have for the next Desirae trying to make it?

DM: Self motivation, try to clear your head of doubt cause all things are possible I cant stress enough how much I picked so many pplz brains for advice and guidance. My mentors Pearl of TasTease Premier Ent. and all around Go-Get Em Girl lol Nikki Swain , They have lots too do with my business mental success.Thank you Ladies!

Ian Walker Kamp

CL: What is the long term plan for IKandi?

DM: Long term plan is to cntinue to grown and expand in hopes that others will share our vision, be apart of the movement and welcome IKandi Modeling Inc as an industry name! I wont give up if theres women still out there like me going for it!


CL: How can people contact you to find models?

DM: IKandi Modeling Inc website still under construction, BUT! Find us on Facebook at IKandi Modeling Inc. and IKandi Gyrls, Also, Instagram @ikandimodelinginc , via email


Ian Walker Kamp

PhotoShoot by Taboo Media Group

Hair by Jai Lopez at Chopz

Makeup by Michelle Martinez