Cheating Wife Gets Caught After Snapchat Slip-Up


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Thanks to Social Media there are even new ways to get caught cheating. This woman found a new one and it’s hilarious.

A woman identified only as “Chelsea” was reportedly on a business trip. In one of the seediest looking hotel rooms ever. When she snapped her husband sexy photos of herself in her hotel room. She should have checked the room first to see if anything stood out. Because those big size 12′ boots clearly didn’t belong to her.

Chelsea’s husband immediately noticed the boots and accused of her of being with someone else in the room, which she denied. Guess this was the last straw for the husband and, pointed out the cheating evidence saying, “I can’t go through this again. I’m calling a lawyer.”




Again? This is a thing? This is just all bad, and why does the side guy take pics to send to the husband? So dissrespectful.