Changes to Make in Your 30’s That Will Set You Up For Success

1. Stop smoking.

You’ve heard it all before, but seriously cut it out. Those who quit before age 40 have a 90% lower mortality risk than those who continue.

 2. Exercise regularly

It has been discovered that the people who live the longest are the ones who move and are active. That seems to be the key to life. Move stay active. Lay off the Netflix all day and night. Get up and walk around your neighborhood, or find a park. Get up and move.

3. If you have a dream….go for it

Remember that movie you wanted to make? That class you wanted to take, that fantastic dancer at the parties, you always wanted to be, the trips you wanted to take? Go for it.

4. Write down the destination

You might be just where you want to be or not, but you have a long way to go. Make sure you write down the destination. Where do you want to be? This will help you figure out how to get there.

5. End the people pleasing

By now you should have realized you can’t make everyone happy? A long time, ago I was told if you have a choice of being unhappy and the other person does make sure you end up happy. This will save you lots of problems going forward.

6. Document your life

Instagram, Facebook, Google, all let you compile pictures and you can photo document your life. You can also write. But the 20’s are gone, and most likely you don’t have all the mementos of the fast times. Take time and start building up some sort of library of your life going forward.

7. Invest your money

If you have a job that offers retirement savings plan make sure you invest in that. If you don’t go see a financial adviser get into life insurances, 401k’s, IRA’s, real estate, etc, etc. You don’t want to have to work forever. This is the stuff they don’t teach us in school so in your 20’s you have no clue, go ahead and educate yourself.

8. Don’t keep up with the Jones’s

Everyone has a different journey. You will have friends who have more money, better LOOKING relationships, bigger houses, better cars, Guess what……………? That’s OK!! You never want to be the wealthiest and smartest one in your circle. You want to be able to learn from others, If you are the best one in the crew then how do you expect to get better and be enlightened? Embrace the differences, don’t let them frustrate you.

9. Don’t beat yourself up

Every decision wont be a good decision but leave yourself some room  for error. Life is about trial and error. You will have some good moves and some bad moves. Live and learn.