Beyonce Changes Up Prince’s ‘Darling Nikki’ In A Tribute To Nicki Minaj



This cover of Prince’s “Darling Nikki” by Beyoncé with the lyrics changed to be about Nicki Minaj is Coollivin at it’s finest

The cover starts off with, “I met a girl named Nicki/I guess you could say she was the rap queen” and goes on to talk about Minaj’s booty and rhyming skills. It doesn’t have anything on the Purple One’s original, but then again, few songs do.

This video is the second one to be released by Beyoncé in as many days, and both videos showcase Nicki and Bey practicing for the Tidal concert and their performance of “Feeling Myself.” Previously, Bey dropped a video of an ‘ice grill contest’ where the duo saw who could stare the other down.