August Alsina gropes fan on stage


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August Alsina has just taken to Twitter to shoutout the “beautiful young lady” he brought on stage with him. “S/O 2 that beautiful young lady. & to you ignorant muf***as & weak a** blogs..TRY AGAIN! Christmas is near, I’ll buy you all toys to play w/,” he tweeted. “I got time today cuhz!!…Dust yourself off, & TRY AGAIN.”

He also took the opportunity to share a screenshot from the young woman’s Instagram page, where she wrote “last night don’t owe me anything.” Check it out in the gallery.

Singer August Alsina has many up in arms this morning after he was recently spotted groping a young woman on stage.

On Friday, September 25, the Louisiana native joined Future, Rocko and iHeartMemphis at the Freebandz Music Fest in Baton Rouge. At one point August brought a woman on stage during his performance, which is where the video begins. Though the woman appears jubilant as the R&B singer touches her neck, she does appear to get a bit uncomfortable once August begins groping her breasts.

While many artists do similar shows with their concertgoers, a lot of people feel August Alsina may have taken it too far. Do you agree?