Ask The Bartender????


Every Month we go to our favorite Bartender/Model Desiree. We ask her to answer some of the questions from our readers. She answers them so you are armed with the tools to be the coolest at the bar. Here are your questions.

By @Papoosedoll


What gets me most drunk?

Something that’s expensive or that taste gross? Duh. What they are really asking is “Can you hook it up with an extra shot?” Bartenders take care of the customers that take care of them. If you want that extra shot, and don’t know your bartender you just might have to pay for it.


What gets me the most drunk for the least amount of money?

Bad idea because now we know what kind of tip we’re gonna receive. My answer is just going off experience. When you ask that question you probably shouldn’t be out drinking.

What’s cheap?

(Rolls eyes) Great just great. Please don’t ask that. If you want something cheap a better way to ask is; what is are your happy hour specials?

What do I get if it’s my birthday?

1 free shot. Not 2.



Is it still happy hour (at 11 o’clock)?

BAAAHHHAAAA. Maybe and that’s a big MAYBE for ladies night on Monday’s, Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s, and Thursday’s. Just not the weekends.

Is this free?

Everybody wants something for nothing huh? It’s actually not free unless we say it’s on the house.:)

Did you put any alcohol in this?

I actually pour a little heavy since I’m a drinker myself. Don’t try and fool me, I’ll ask you if you would like to buy a double. I haven’t been asked that question yet. Whoot whoot!


Can I get a little more in there?

hmmmmmmmmmmm, how much did you tip? If you tip well you get treated well. (Smiles)



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