CoolMan’s Guide to Surviving a Break-up

Breaking up suck! They bring about seasons of change that are huge. We go through all kinds of emotions and self discovery. Whether she broke up with you or vice versa you are going to go thru it. This doesn’t have to be all bad though.

I’ve done you a favor and did the reading, studied the research and came up with the best advice you can find all in one place. Here is the official guide for for surviving a breakup.


Don’t be the tough guy. It’s ok to feel

You CAN feel! I know everyone will tell you to, man up, but it’s ok to feel don’t put on a front, if you are going thru it then go thru it. Don’t be Debbie Downer all the time, but it’s ok to feel the feelings.



Don’t Try to do a real life Rom Com

Life is not the movies don’t go for the grand gestures, when it’s over it’s over. If you didn’t do it before why bother? Just be prepared to move on. And if it doesn’t get the reaction you want then you could be in for even more hurt.

Leave her Friends alone?

If you are the guy then you have to expect for the other guys to turn on you. You need to be prepared to get rid of the mutual friends. Don’t take it personal but nobody wants to sit on a grenade.


Don’t sit around the house– Be productive.

Play have fun, get out golf, hit the gym, don’t sit on the couch. It makes for no fun and it doesn’t help.

Take on a project

Find something with a purpose. Find something build something, accomplish something. Clean your closet organize the crib. Build a Lego set. Just do something.

Have fun talking to women.

Hey do you realize you can now talk to any girl in the world and don’t have to feel bad for taking any looks at the hot girl walking past. The world is your oyster. Get out there and live it up. 

Don’t Cheat Yourself, Treat Yourself

Don’t cheat yourself Treat yourself. Buy something you’ve always wanted, do something you have always wanted to do. Take the time to be selfish and live for you.


Take a Guys Trip

Get the guys together go out of town and get it in! Go have a ball do all the guy things you never get to do, come up with a fake name if you want. Just go have a blast!!