Do this and you will leave an impression


Interviews can be tough, I know this well. Thank goodness for the Net. Due to the disparancy between men and women in the work place I’ve got some tips from women in charge on what was the best way to nail an interview. I decided to share for those in need.

Your chipped nails speak louder than you think.

You ever heard the phrase if you are going to do it, than do it? That goes for the nails if you don’t have money to get them manicured then don’t come with them looking neglected. It says I don’t care about my appearance and I don’t always complete a task.

Drink water not Coffee.

Coffee while we all might love it, tends to have an odor. Plus you don’t know if they have crappy office coffee so coming in with the fancy stuff might be considered annoying. Hey after you get the job go crazy.

Go neutral, depending on the job don’t try to outshine the boss.

One thing you don’t want your potential boss thinking focusing on your looks and how well you clean up. Glamorous beautiful women are a threat. Either they have to worry about staff hitting on you or they have to worry about customers reacting to you. Hiring managers tend to not want to rock the boat. So if you are big into the glam, try to approach it as business serious. Don’t try to get hired because of your looks.

If you are on time you are late.

You want to show up 10-15 minutes before the scheduled interview time to show you mean business. You also Don’t want to come too early. so plan on being in the parking lot collecting your thoughts at least 20-25 minutes early.


No “um’s” before you answer a question.

Try something like repeating the question while you ponder. But um is a no no

Do your research.
The internet is an incredible resource.  Take the time to Google, LinkedIn, even check out your potential employer Instagram. Being able to mention a key moment in her career or that you two went to the same college makes it look like you’ve done your research.