50 Cent’s Monthly Spending Uncovered In New Bankruptcy Documents

As 50 Cent’s financial situation remains a talk of the town. There is new information  via bankruptcy documents revealing his monthly expenses.

Uncovered by Bossip, the legal documents reveal the “In Da Club” rapper spends $135,000 per month on bills. AWhat’s interesting is that 50 Cent also happens to be spending more than he is earning.

For the month of December, he made $38,000, about $29,000 of which came from royalties, $922 from investments, and more.

As far expenses, the rapper shells out $35,000 on mortgage, $24,000 for child support, $15,000 for insurance, about $14,000 on security, $11,400 for lease payments, and $10,400 for his cars.

50 Cent filed for bankruptcy back in July.