Cool Livin & TL Professional Services, were honored to be a part of this years, Denver March Pow Wow March 24th – 26th & the Native Max Magazine fashion event Native Fashion In The City on March 24th, 2017. The temperament this year was different however, as the world is aware of the Native American fight for equality and better treatment. This year’s ceremony was filled with a positive upbeat energy of unstoppable force. Everything each nation represented was done with more passion and pride. Every attraction or sales booth exuded the traditional energy of a powerful people who are the source of innovation and creation. The spirt of loyalty, togetherness, and pride was the vibe. Native Nations chose to use this year’s event to demonstrate their legendary spiritual, political, and necessary uprising of a people. The universal vibe was to take a higher ground and embrace the ancestral guidance that keeps hope alive generation after generation. The temperament was inspiring! The unity and presence evolved around spreading love, support to one another, and embracing an irreplaceable heritage. This years Denver March Pow Wow was one of the most successful of all, thus far. Native Americans of every nation from all over the United Stated traveled to Denver exclusively for this event. The primary mission and vision of the event this year was to demand attention positively to entice respect and awareness for the Native American movement for Peace, Equality, and Respect. We were given the privilege of capturing the sprit of praise dancing, tribal dancers, ceremonial garments, jewelry, art, sacred herbs for healing, foods and much more!!!

Native American designers, spectators, and Kelly Holmes, the Editor and Chief of Native Max Magazine. This event was packed with activities for all ages and was a success all the way around.
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Our team of professionals were granted the rare privilege of interviews with, Ms. Grace G. Gillette, the Executive Director of the 43rd Annual Denver March Pow Wow:

CL:Why is Colorado’s powwow considered one of the largest of the powwow gatherings of all nations.
GG: The event occurs at the same time of the year, and it’s been going on for 43 years. It has become a tradition to the Nations in the area. 


CL: What are the main goals and objectives of holding a powwow spiritually and culturally what does a powwow mean.

  1. present a powwow that is authentic;  
  2. promote cultural awareness of the American Indian;
  3. provide an event that has cultural and educational value;
  4. keep the cost at an affordable level for the public;
  5. promote merchandising opportunities for vendors;
  6. and provide adequate media attention to the public.  


CL: What is considered to be respect fall and disrespectful behavior during a powwow for the spectators.

GG: Do not touch dancers or their outfits without permission do not point it’s not a zoo pride and look at their numbers ask permission before taking picture buy permit listen to the MC 

CL: What do you want Colorado people to know about the powwow & how would you like to get them involved in the powwow.

GG: Takeaways deliver message that the indigenous people are alive and thriving and practicing

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 Photos by Leonard Anderson
DOPAL, is a devastating political battle the native cultures and other supporting Americans are banning together to dismantle, in order to ensure clean water & better living conditions situations on Native American reservations.  Instead of focusing on this horrible situation, the focus and commitments Coollivin + TLP received about this were answered without any negative response.