303 Magazine Presents DFW Day 3 National Designers


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Photos by Roy B

Written by Karysma Hicks

Denver Fashion Week’s (DFW) third night of fashion on the runway was comprised of national designers who came to Denver to debut their newest collections. Attendees saw designs from Jesse Mathes Metalwork, darkm0th industry, Ammunition couture, frnds of ours, FreeMen by Mickey and Stevie Boi. No one collection was the same, all differing from one another’s styles and design work. We saw designs combined with art, street-style looks, casual-lofty wear and futuristic-utopian styles.

Night three of Denver Fashion Week’s runway show began with Jesse Mathes Metalwork showcasing simple dresses embellished with art-like metal pieces that framed the models’ necks. The gold pieces took place of what would normally be a necklace, making the overall collection of outfits a captivating accessory to each design. Following the unornamented trend, frnds of ours was next to present its line of minimal, lofty collection of colorful pants, lightweight jackets and brand-customized t-shirts. The Brooklyn, New York based brand catered to Denver’s simple and effortless style while adding an artistic and minimalistic flavor.

The night continued with a simple, yet attention grabbing collection from darkm0th industry. Shayna Ariel, a now local Denverite from Boston, typically likes to keep her designs dark, flowy and futuristic looking. However, during her debut we saw a lot of combinations of black and light colors, including fluorescent whites, that were flowy and detailed with artistic designs. Each look featured an umbrella as a choice accessory, which made the collection seem like the audience was in a mix of old English times and a distant utopian world. DFW’s fourth designer, FreeMen by Mickey, honored the runway with bold, colorful leather designs that had the audience in awe with its less than simple designs. Each design had a simple element to the bottom of the look, yet was paired with something fun and exuberant up top. From the red and white racecar driver look to the brand’s blue leather skirt and faux fur leather jacket to its simple latex skirt paired with a vixen-like pink fur bustier and latex gloves, the designer kept the audience on the edge of their seats as each look came down the runway.

For the last set of designers, the audience welcomed Ammunition Couture and Stevie Boi. Ammunition Couture’s designs graced the runway with an eccentric, game of thrones (on another level)-like collection. Attendees saw a variation of colorful latex combinations featured with dark (literally and figuratively) neck pieces that added an extra oomph to the designs. Following its previous peer, M3tal by Stevie Boi’s  was the “oomph” the audience needed. It was a series of ostentatious and vibrant looks that transported the audience to another world. Unlike Denver’s usual relaxed and simple fashion, this collection reminded of us of looks that we would see at a lavish event in New York City or even in L.A. Each look featured sunglasses that gave that “Don’t ever speak to me or my daughter again” vibes and boots that surpasses Jessica Simpson’s song, These Boots Are Made for Walkin’. Those boots were most definitely made to slay. Stevie Boi’s designs featured fishnet tops, metallic dresses, silk shawls and brand-friendly graphic print accessories. These looks were the perfect closers for DFW’s third night of fashion, leaving the audience wanting more.