303 Magazine Presents: DFW Day 2 The Hair Show


Written by Karysma Hicks

Denver Fashion Week’s (DFW) second night of their debut to fashion week took place at Wings Over the Rockies this past Sunday. As a part of the annual event, the hair show made a reappearance, awarding and debuting some of the best hair stylists in the Southwest division. As always, attendees were blessed with eccentric hairstyles that were high enough to reach heaven and slick enough to be your favorite f—k boy.


The runway saw looks by both new and veteran hairstylists and designers. There was no clear-cut theme for the night—which was a nice change in the game for the audience. We saw inspirations from Japanese kimono fashion to Victorian, Alice in Wonderland vibes to a female version of Men in Black. The array of categories of styles made for an eventful and captivating night that kept the audience on an “ooh” and “ah” rampage.


Each hair styling team partnered with a DFW designer to accentuate their model’s looks and to tell the audience a story. The salons and hairstylists included in this year’s hair show included The Look, Beauty Underground, Charlie Price, Sassoon, Aaron Johnson, Vanity Dollz, Artemis, Carlos Carreon, Joe Denny, Georgia Tournai, Birch Salon and Rita B Salon. From each salon or stylist, we were served with looks whose hairstyles were to die for.


Attendees of the event saw slicked back ponytails with one streak of color from salon, The Look. Embracing black culture, Beauty Underground shared with the audience a selection of dread-locked hairstyles that featured all African American models. Continuing a theme of oppressed culture, Charlie Price graced the runway with all women models dressed in variations of powerful suits and blazers paired with sunglasses that remind you of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. These ladies were definitely on a mission. Following a theme of woman empowerment, Sassoon presented their models with a variety of hairstyles; from an asymmetrical bob to an afro to a mid-length cut with attention grabbing bangs, the variations of hairstyles were fitting for the model’s looks.


For a more artistic and vivacious approach, the last set of hairstylists and salons gave the audience looks with pop of color along with some theatrics. Aaron Johnson’s models rocked the runway with paint splattered coveralls and blonde bobs. Each model walked the runway while giving attendees a quick side-to-side death stare, accompanied by poised hand gestures. Continuing the theme of theatrics, Vanity Dollz took the audience back in time to the Victorian age. Both the designs and the hair resembled what you would see at the Denver Art Museum’s Treasures of British Art exhibit. Last but definitely not least, Artemis, Carlos Carreon, Joe Denny, Georgia Tournai, Birch Salon and Rita B Salon all collaborated to share with the audience an experience that was a depiction of a fun night out. Each set of designs and hairstyles were just as ostentatious as they were vivacious. Attendees saw a lot of neon colors and prints that made you want to leave DFW and go straight to Electric Daisy Carnival.


Denver Fashion Week’s second night of fashion held high expectations for the next weekend’s series of events. The hairstyles may have been the key component and sole purpose of night two, but the designs were just as much responsible for keeping the audience on their toes. If you have yet to get your tickets for the event, visit DFW’s website to make sure that you don’t miss any more greatness that is to come.