#Coolfacts 44

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Volkswagen type 2-Random Fact List

1. Volkswagen type 2 is still in production, but the last ones will be made this month, ending the longest production of one model in the auto-industry. – Source

2. There is a school in Tracy, California named Millenium High School. Their mascot is the Falcon and therefore their basketball team is named the Millenium Falcons. – Source

3. Only 8% of the world’s currency is physical money, the rest only exists on computers. – Source

4. In professional shooting, alcohol is actually considered to be a performance enhancing drug because shooters can drink it to relax themselves and slow their heart rate to give them an edge. – Source

5. Freckles, a goat in Utah, was implanted with spider genes as an embryo to produce spider silk proteins in her milk, which is used to make “biosteel,” a material stronger than kevlar. – Source

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Bottle Letter-Random Fact List

6. In 1999, a fisherman found a love letter in a bottle from a WWI soldier. He returned said letter to the now deceased widow’s 86 year old daughter. – Source

7. In 1914, Henry Ford doubled his worker’s wages out of pocket, causing wages to rise competitively nationwide. He profited as his sales increased as many more Americans were able to afford his Model T. –Source

8. Coffee company Nescafe adds a formulated coffee aroma to the top of instant coffee jars before sealing them, so that you get that ‘fresh coffee’ smell when you open the jar the first time. – Source

9. Portugal decriminalized all drugs 11 years ago and the number of addicts has been halved since then. –Source

10. The Japanese pilot who attacked a town in Oregon during WW2 returned years later to present his family’s 400 year old sword in apology – Source

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Coffee cherry-Random Fact List

11. Coffee comes from an edible fruit. The coffee cherry is sweet and tastes like watermelon, rosewater, and hibiscus all at once. – Source

12. Titanic’s fourth funnel was fake, added to make the ship look more powerful (and symmetrical). A bit like putting a dummy exhaust on a car. – Source

13. A guy in Japan laid legal claim to 2.5 million acres of abandoned woodlands via adverse possession, acquired ownership by prescription, then declared independence from Japan and founded a micronation. –Source

14. A Chinese Billionaire is selling canned air in China to highlight the country’s pollution problems. The air is collected and compressed in soda cans from “revolutionary regions” around the country. – Source

15. Cannabis is the largest cash crop in the U.S., exceeding corn and wheat combined – Source