After 20 Years, We FINALLY Know What Tommy’s Job Was On ‘Martin’


Tisha Campbell-Martin told l the world what Tommy’s job was on Martin. Yes, We have an answer.

The answer comes in the middle of the latest episode of the Don’t Be Scared podcast while Campbell-Martin is talking about the age old debate regarding Martin’s greatest episode: ‘Suspicious Minds’ or ‘The Romantic Weekend,’ also known as ‘Chilligan’s Island’ or ‘The CD Player’ episode. She never casts her vote in that discussion, but she does reveal the answer to the show’s biggest looming question without provocation.

At about the 26:18 mark she tells the story:

I’ll give you a hint. Mrs., the woman I was going to fight, she was Martin’s teacher, Mrs., not Cunningham… okay, but you know who I’m talking about. Beverly Johnson played her. So, it’s in that episode, that’s the first time you hear about Tommy’s job. The second time you see Tommy’s job is in the Christmas episode when he brings us to speak to children and Martin calls the little boy waterhead.

(Trinidad. Miss. Trinidad.)

So, Tommy talks about, him being in the Boys and Girls Club and he was a counselor at the Boys and Girls Club. That’s what he Tommy for a living.

So, there it is. Tommy was not a pimp, drug dealer or whatever else you imagined. He was a counselor at the Boys and Girls Club. Wow.

There’s much, much more to the nearly hour-long interview where Campbell-Martin discusses plenty of behind the scenes stories from Martin, conversations with Pam Grier and, out of nowhere, what it’s like to have Tupac over for Thanksgiving dinner.